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Gene Theme Scene

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GENE THEME SCENE is a synopsis of the Emperor Of All Maladies(A Biography of Cancer) by Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD published by Simon and Schuster. I started the condensing process in 2010. The forward facts include the mechanism of action of the gene based kinase inhibitor Gleevec(Imatinib)the targeted treatment for Ph+Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, as an inspiration to increase the numbers of gene based researchers.

Since additional Immunomodulation and Kinase Inhibitor research is needed, each of our 50 States was assigned NIH Generated Chromosomal Information, NCI basic information on Regional Cancers was included with the list of Immunomodulation and Kinase Inhibitors available, representing the Gene Based Targeted Therapies that are FDA approved now.
We invite this work to be used as a Multi-Institutional Assignment to Identify the Genomic Sequence Variant Signatures due to Environmental Toxins, Dietary Carcinogens, Infectious Disease Irritants, and Inherited Mutations, as a ongoing clinical trial with the input of the EPA, FDA, DPH, the American College of Medical Genetics and the Regional Molecular Geneticist that Gene Theme Scene Franchises will employ to offer Gene Based Personal Cancer Care.

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