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Magi Avia: The Void and the Gemstone

473 pages5 hours


Imagine a world where every living creature has magic. From creating massive balls of fire to moving mountains to simply being able to change the colour of their hair, everyone has something that makes them special.

Now imagine that there is a person without magic living in this magical land.

Janus is a pariah, born without magic in a world that rejects his whole existence. He lives in the country of Aurelia, a land wholly embracing its magical roots with the ruling twelve mage guilds keeping people in line and warring with each other.

After a chance encounter with a young guild mage, Janus finds himself thrown into the chaos that is the guild of Magi Avia, where he tries to survive in a world that wants nothing to do with him.

However, Magi Avia is no stranger to strife, and the guilds may return to warring with each other soon enough.

These are the Tales of Aurelia.

This is the first novel in the Magi Avia trilogy, an epic fantasy tale full of adventure, conflict and magic.

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