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Three-Four, Kill Some More: A Casey Fremont Mystery

304 pages3 hours


Mystery and Danger follow Casey Fremont once again. This time, it might just get her killed...

Casey Fremont's ex-husband, Jarvis the Rat, is two months behind with alimony payments, so she asks TrueTemp Agency to find a temp job for her ― this time it is with a legal firm. As the new job begins and Casey’s life with her two roommates and detective boyfriend continues on, postcards begin arriving in Casey's mailbox. They contain images and cryptic messages. Messages that Casey believes relate to a series of murders occurring in the state capital, Little Rock.

Needing to decipher the messages to prevent further deaths, Casey has to both battle her stalker, the mysterious and deadly ‘Romeo,’ and convince the police that they are on the wrong trail. All before Casey or any of her friends end up dead.

Author John Achor’s amateur detective returns ready to tackle crime once more in Three, Four-Kill Some More: A Casey Fremont Mystery. From Pro Se Productions.

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