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Gone to Lagos

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Gone to Lagos is the story of Lucien Nathan, a young man whose life is thrown into chaos following the death of his twin brother, Denman. While the local authorities deem Denman's death accidental, following a drug overdose, Lucien suspects something much more sinister. Little does Lucien know, however, just how much danger he is really in. An evil bokor, Dr. Francis Grenouille, is not only responsible for Denman's death, he is after Lucien's soul as well. The bokor understands the great power of twins souls, and he is hell bent on harnessing this power for his own sinister purposes. In the days following his brother's death, Lucien is plagued by visions, as great ancestor spirits and the loa try to reach out to protect and guide him. Lucien, however, is unequipped to understand what is happening and he, and his family, believe that he is going insane. All may not be lost; the great voodoo spirit Baron Samedi, keeper of the graveyards and guardian of the dead, has taken an interest in the Lucien's plight. Baron assigns a protector, Mambo Constance Akili, to come to the boy's aid. But it may already be too late, for Lucien has been thrown into an asylum, and is sinking deeper and deeper into madness by the day!

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