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A Slave to the Fantasy, Part 8: Rage

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"I love him, but I am not obsessed with him. So I don't love him. This Samuel Roberts."

Tanya is a beautiful but troubled working class girl from the slums. She's the desire of powerful billionaires, and the obsession of a handsome American.

Dare to explore the illicit and dangerous power of seduction and sexual obsession in this suspense filled romance set in exotic locales.

Renowned dating expert Samuel Roberts is respected and revered by his thousands of male students who know nothing of his double life. For years he has futilely pursued and pined for a secret online lover thousands of miles away. Seeking closure, the successful and handsome American travels under cover to the Philippines to come face to face with his internet obsession: a gorgeous and mysterious peasant girl named Tanya Carasco.

Who is Tanya Carasco?

The reality rips at the soul of any man who dares to follow temptation and be her lover. The reality threatens the life of any man who dares for more.

Delicious hot contemporary romance and suspense with mature situations.

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