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The Ancient Code of the Tabriz Rug

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How does one know where death and danger lurk? What ordinary household furnishings could hold the mystery of your past, and the awesome surprise and devastation of your future? A fine Persian rug. A man and his genetic history come face to face in a final intertwining of fate so scary that you could hear yourself screaming silently.

The man finally comes to realise what sort of fate had been lying in wait for him all his life. He sees that there were clear indications of the line of his destiny all along the years, the years of gradual sliding into moral ignorance, the degeneration of personal standards, past the point of any possible return. He is reluctant to recognise the truth about himself, or to acknowledge the symbols and symptoms of a natural and inborn evil. An evil so ancient and so powerful, that the ordinary iniquities of his crooked existence, and even the stained history of civilisation, all seem to vanish with a silent scream into the depths of the original cosmic hunger for blood and destruction.

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