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Learning Spanish for Kids.



Basil finds himself in a strange new pot and meets our other chatty little plants. They think they know some stuff, but when it comes to animals, they know nothing. One wild assumption followed by another gets them into big trouble. Next time they may not be so lucky!

This illustrated story is for bilingual children and Spanish language students with a basic or intermediate knowledge who want to study a dual language text in English and Spanish. The book has two sections. In the first part, the English and Spanish languages, which use everyday language of native speakers, are displayed together in short paragraphs. This makes it easy
to compare the two languages. The second section is the story in Spanish only, so that those with an intermediate level can test their understanding. We hope you enjoy the story.
Excerpt from the Story-
The first thing in his life that Basil remembered was cold air. A little girl put Basil's pot down on the front door step.
La primera cosa que Albahaca recordaba de su vida era el aire frío. Una niña posó el tiesto de Albahaca en el escalón de la puerta principal.

Next to the front door he saw a big flowerpot. It was bright blue and on it was painted a picture of an orange cat.
"What a scary animal!" thought Basil.
Al lado de la puerta, Albahaca vio una gran maceta. Era azul brillante y sobre ella había pintado un dibujo de un gato naranja.
—¡Qué animal tan aterrador! —pensó Albahaca.

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