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Mundus Grundy: Trouble in Grundusland

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The stability of all the realms is in the balance, and the situation is getting a little out-of-hand… Mundus Grundy is a king – not just any old king – but the King of Grundusland where the gnomes live. Mundus Grundy inherited the Kingdom of Grundusland from his father, who inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his father… well, that’s the law of Gnome-Inheritance for you. Mundus and his gnome friends – including Baga Gheet, Fender Tart, Serly Frundy, Jompa and Lompa – have a duty to enter into the Third Realm where the humans live to take care of nature business. In the old days there was a contract – known as the Contract for all Beings on Earth (CBE) – which was signed by everyone, including the gnomes, goblins, sprites, imps, djinns, etc… and humans too. Yet the humans soon forgot about this contract, and then they soon forgot about the existence of all their little friends, who were then sent to live in the Second Realm. Yet the gnomes never forgot their side of the contract and continue to this day to help look after the Third Realm. Yet they must be careful… although the problem isn’t only with the forgetful humans – it’s those pesky, green rubber pot-bellied, stinky-finger goblins. Their leader is Farnuk Tam - who with his deputy Wenkle Frat and Chief Officer Peasly Greel – has an ‘Ignacious Plan’ to stop the gnomes once and for all and to make big trouble for the humans. And the plan involves a whole lot of human eyes. There’s trouble brewing in Grundusland, and the imps, sprites, djinns, and sun-devas are all getting involved…

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