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The Suzy & Katie Series



This is the 5th book in the Suzy and Katie Series. The vacation dreamed of by Katie in book four has come true. The girls are on an island in the tropics, staying in a high roller home with it's own private beach, and completed with a cordon blue chef, as the housekeeper. The girls fall in love with the island, and the island falls in love with the girls. The don't flaunt their new found wealth, but they don't sit on it either, they pretty much buy what ever they desire, including the house they are staying in, but they are still Suzy and Katie, two women deeply in love with each other, and with their feet solidly on the grown.

Their love affair, for the island and it's people continues, and before their vacation is over, they have won over the people, and will leave a lasting impression and impact both on the people in their circle, and among the ordinary citizens of the island.

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