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Baby Girl

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Jemma Patterson is slowly losing her daughter to silence.  Kassie, her eight-year-old daughter was grieving for her father who died eighteen months ago in a car accident.   Hit head-on by a drunk driver, Jared had died instantly.  Kassie’s grief had claimed one thing Jemma never thought possible.  Her voice.  Gradually over time, her daughter spoke less and less until the day she stopped talking completely. 

Now Jemma is ready to do anything to help her daughter back into the land of the talking.

Kyle Cosgrove is battling a severe case of loneliness.  He doesn’t realized it until Jemma and her silent daughter walked into the office of the Cross-Cut Ranch.  He knows he can help the child and the mother.  As the lessons began, Kassie is instantly drawn to the horses and soon begins speaking one word phrases.  Both Kyle and Jemma are relieved. 

Kyle goes against every instinct in his body and asked Jemma out for a date.  To his surprise, she agrees. As time goes on, Jemma and Kyle find they have more in common than her daughter.  They find comfort in each other’s arms.  Comfort soon grows to love. 

As Kassie becomes more comfortable around the ranch and the horses, her ability to ride horses is evident.  Kyle suggest she enter the junior competition.  As Kassie starts training for the competition, Jemma spends more time at the ranch and with Kyle’s family. 

Kyle is happy for the first time in a very long time.  He’s falling in love with Jemma and her daughter. Kassie begins to speak more and more each time she comes for a lesson.  Jemma starts to think the ranch does have healing powers because she’s in love with a cowboy.

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