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Maereath: The War of the Democratic Coalition




The war rages on. As Thrakoth continues his march toward conquest, Helisah, Aegras, and Fasti race home with the knowledge that will finally allow them to avenge their homeland. While Aegras oversees the assembly of a devastating new weapon, Helisah and Fasti continue the fight against the Telurian Empire, but they discover that the enemy is far closer to home than they ever imagined.

With the help of old friends and new allies, the secret warriors begin their hunt for a Telurian spy ring in the back streets of Nuveia, but they underestimate how far the enemy will go to break the Coalition’s will to fight. In a desperate race against time, Helisah, Aegras, and Fasti must expose the traitors in their midst, complete the only weapon that might defeat Thrakoth, and gather the courage to end The War of the Democratic Coalition.

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