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Your "Made in the USA" Vacation Home

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If you're dreaming of buying a vacation home, or, already own one, read this book.
Vacation property owner, expert, and author Christopher Cain's latest book features fun, fast reading packed with tips & tactics for owners and buyers.
Why buy a vacation home?
Cain answers "Because it will add fun, excitement, status, and enjoyment to your life. This real estate option will diversify your stocks ,bonds, and mutual funds portfolio. Thirty percent of owners plan to retire to their holiday home. Many people believe their home is their best investment. So, why not buy another property, a vacation home?"
More than a "how to" book, Cain defines and chronicles the Vacation Property Industry, which he describes as "America's Hidden Treasure."
Cain said, " Prior to World War II, the U.S. had second homes for the wealthy. Post war prosperity propelled sales of vacation homes to successful small business owners, government workers, executives, teachers and other professionals.
"But, unlike second home owners, these investors wanted to rent their vacation homes when they were not using them. A new American Industry was born. Today,, about 4 million Americans and foreign nationals own U.S. vacation properties worth almost $1 trillion. This new industry is a dynamic, economic engine creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs.
"There is a companion side to this phenomenon. More and more vacationers are discovering that a vacation property is a better value when compared to a resort hotel room.
"French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince, said "A goal without a plan is just a wish. "
If you want to buy a vacation property, this book is your plan to make it happen." Cain said.
After buying a seaside villa at Kiawah Island, SC in 1981, Cain wrote Maximize Your Resort Property Investment, Road Map to Your Vacation Property Dream, and completed his "Trilogy" with Your "Made in the USA" Vacation Home released in 2015.

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