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Legends Of A Dark Empire



No-one understands the evil of the Dark Empire better than Jared King, former human pet turned assassin. Now a vampire himself, he relishes the chance to act as knight in shining armor, thinning the fanged population by killing those the empress marks for death.

The most beautiful woman in the imperial court, Rebecca Darmstadt once commanded Jared's full submission. Now he wants nothing to do with her. . .except for all the times he can't keep his hands off her, for Rebecca's icy demeanor hides a passionate heart.

Haunted by a vengeful ghostly witch with a taste for possession, Jared and Rebecca fight the system and each other on a treacherous journey from alienation to love.
Book 4 of the hot vampire romance series for adults Legends Of A Dark Empire.
This book previously published as A Knight Of Air And Shadow

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