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Balance: Book 1 in the "BALANCE" series, #1

215 pages3 hours


The whole world needs “BALANCE” without it you have CHAOS. Going about our daily lives we rarely pay attention to the animals that live around us. This was about to change. The world that we know has become overcrowded and polluted with the expansion of mankind. Threatening the death of the blue planet.

        Hiding in the forest as myth and legend the self-appointed protectors of the Earth and the creatures that reside upon her are about to let themselves be known.

        The fate of every human and our way of life rest upon the shoulders of a Game Warden by the name of Mary Hatchfield. She forms a most unusual and unlikely alliance with a creature of legend known as “BIGFOOT”.

        Together they race north to save mankind from extinction. Unknown to them another evil sadistic creature of the forest seeks to prevent them from reaching their destination to stop the SLAUGHTER

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