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A Division of Souls: A Novel of the Mendaihu Universe

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In the twenty-seventh century, the humanoid alien Meraladhza have been a part of Earth society for at least two hundred years. This race has brought a heightened awareness with them, a psionic spirituality that has both amazed and frightened humans...but it has also kept peace and helped the planet evolve at a much faster pace. Thus Earth humans are also able to achieve this heightened spirituality through training and awakening, revealing either a vigilant and protective Mendaihu soul, or a fearless and reactive Shenaihu soul. All are watched over by a deity, the One of All Sacred, who has reappeared in physical form every quarter century to preserve the balance of the two factions.

That delicate balance is threatened when a renegade Mendaihu adept sets off a ritual that escalates a mass enlightenment well before the human race is ready for it...and in the process, he’s also awakened the One earlier than anyone expected. Caren Johnson and Alec Poe, two Alien Relations agents, are assigned to find and stop this leader, but as they learn more about his ritual and its aftereffects upon the citizens of Bridgetown, it becomes a bigger race to keep this enlightenment under control before it turns into another all-out spiritual war. They must not only come to terms with a changed city, but the change within themselves, and what it means to be a part of a new consciousness.

This is the first book in the Bridgetown Trilogy of the Mendaihu Universe. Book 2, The Persistence of Memories, coming soon!

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