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City on a Hill

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John and Ann Winthrop just need a place where their family can be free of religious persecution. The New Hope wilderness settlement starts to look like a vain hope as winter approaches, their supplies run low, and a group of suits arrive in a helicopter.

Jon Edwards tries to moderate the demands of his Lunar Mining Colony co-workers, but strikes and sabotage have made him skeptical that anyone, much less a bunch of amateurs chosen by the Company back on Earth, can replace the "real" miners and restore the crippled plant to full production.

The Earth has to trust LMC for supplies only the Moon can provide. John Winthrop has to trust God that this is the refuge his family seeks. Jon Edwards has to trust that these religious nuts can do the job, even the women and kids, when each time they seem to make a little progress, disaster strikes. Not to mention, they're running out of air.

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