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Bible Keys 101

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Does the Bible have validity today? Is it just a compilation of simple childlike stories, or the actual word of God? Do rites, rituals, attire, adornments, and edifices answer anything, but are they just the trappings of something which could be as false as Nazism? Where is any absolute knowledge, not faith, found regarding the Bible and its validity, if any? The formulation and writing of this book, Bible Keys 101, has taken over 3 decades to complete. For those who have gone to college, the “101” indicates the first fundamental course in a series, like “English 101”. This book will answer these basic questions, is there a God, if so then who is it, and is the Bible God’s word? It will also show some hidden facts that must be brought out into the open. Very few care one wit about anything except making money, but for those who are interested in more than a fool's carrot on a stick, then dare to launch out on this life changing voyage. Knowledge is not only power, but also freedom.

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