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I Wish I Had Said That

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If you ever wanted to say something clever – make a smart remark or a witty comeback - but couldn’t put your finger on just the right thing to say, this is the book for you. It contains over 4,000 witty and wise quotations, proverbs and puns. Anything that has been included has (with a few exceptions) had to satisfy the requirement of brevity as well as being either humorous (the majority) or insightful (many). All of the lengthy and boring quotations that are often found in publications of this sort have been omitted. Entries have been arranged alphabetically by key words since the principle purpose of the book is not only to provide a repository for a certain type of wit and wisdom but also to provide appropriate quotes and sharp one-liners for conversationalists, speakers and writers. It also makes amusing reading from cover to cover for those who simply want a good laugh. In order to assist those who are looking for a specific kind of comment many headings have alternative search options bracketed alongside them. There is also an index of author references for those who want to find the quotations attributed to particular individuals. Of course, contrary to the book’s title, not everybody would want to have said some of the things that are recorded here. While some of the entries have the saving grace of being amusing or clever they are, nevertheless, quite rude, distasteful or irreverent. Others contain political messages or opinions that the reader may reject.

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