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Between Worlds (The Wayfarer Chronicles, #2)

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The worlds of the Nexus are aligning – and it's the job of the Wayfarers to keep them safe.

Out of all the worlds in the Nexus, Angris isn't one Saenumandua would have chosen to visit. For one thing, she's been summoned there by her former mentor, and she and Rahna haven't seen eye-to-eye in a long time. For another, Angris is an outer Nexus world, primitive and prehistoric, which means it reminds Saenu far too much of home.

Angris, though, is at the heart of the confluence, the greatest alignment of worlds seen in centuries. It's attracting attention, both from other Wayfarers and from Saenu's old foe, Gaesten. He might just be there to observe the confluence with the rest of the Kin, but Saenu doesn't think so: between fractious locals and summoned spirits, he's going to cause trouble.

Because Gaesten means to take vengeance for an old wrong, and he's going to use the confluence to do it – even if there'll be nothing left of Angris afterwards.

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