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Jason Shaw Mystery Series Boxset

529 pages6 hours


Jason Shaw, the fourteen year old son of a Seattle police detective, struggles to understand the mystery of the high speed car crash that killed his mother and left his father in a coma. With just his best friend Ben to help him Jason tries to make sense of the clues his father left behind but they make no sense and he’s not sure who he can trust within the police department. As he gets closer to solving the mystery and identifying those involved, he puts himself and those close to him in danger. Can Jason act quickly enough to save not only himself, but also his father and his best friend from those that want them dead?
Jason Shaw is on summer break and struggling to recover from the aftermath of the car crash at the beginning of the year. His father is a broken man and their relationship is strained, made worse when Jason is told that he’s adopted. When his biological father takes him on a trip to the back country of Yellowstone Park, Jason begins to doubt that the man is who he says he is but they are too far from civilisation for him to seek help. When he come across a youth wilderness survival camp, Jason realizes that there is more at risk than his own safety, but also a threat to national security and that the results of his actions can have a critical outcome. Can Jason outwit and outrun a man with a gun?
Jason Shaw is recovering from injuries sustained in Yellowstone Park when his best friend Ben is kidnapped while they walk home from school. Jason tries to stop them but he is helpless as they take his friend. The kidnappers want more than money and when the ransom drop is compromised, Jason becomes frustrated with himself and the FBI who are running the investigation. Then Jason is kidnapped and he finds himself, along with Ben, imprisoned and unable to escape. As the kidnappers’ plan becomes apparent, Jason has to conquer his greatest fear in order to save himself and rescue Ben. Is his determination enough to overcome the kidnappers and save them both?

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