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Game Warden: Adventures of a Wildlife Warrior

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In this adrenaline-charged sequel to Poacher Wars Wasserman again finds himself in predicaments that require his vast knowledge of investigative techniques to apprehend violent outlaw hunters and bring them to justice. Join him in a series of fearsome face-offs with the likes of Limping Wolf and Fast Hand Jon, Cuda, Hawkeye, Butch Striker, and others as his investigations lead him through a fascinating cast of intriguing outlaw personalities, some of them so feral they will make your blood run cold. Wasserman has proven once again that he knows how to keep you turning pages as he ushers us into the irrational and often dangerous world of hardened wildlife poachers while at the same time skillfully trotting out their human side, compelling us to see them not merely as roguish outlaws but as flesh and blood, everyday people. 

As a Pennsylvania Game Warden, Wasserman patrolled 400 square miles of rugged mountain terrain where he investigated thousands of game law violations and arrested many violent career poachers. Throughout his career, he encountered a number of poachers who were convicted felons, including murderers, drug addicts, dope dealers, and outlaw bikers. This fascinating, true-life book contains an enthralling mix of stories about some of the most dangerous and unpredictable men Wasserman encountered during his 32 years as a state game warden. 

Excerpts from Game Warden
I unsnapped my holster and drew my Glock before he broke leather, and realized instantly that I'd beaten him only because he pulled back at the last second... 

Striker quickly straddled him, pummeling him, his fists slamming into the lawman's skull like mindless pile drivers... 

Limping Wolf looked wired. Crazy. His eyes dancing wildly in his head, lips twitching nervously. A thin white scar zigzagged from the corner of his eye down to his broad chin... 

As Pierce and I bailed out I wondered if some madman was about to jump from the vehicle with an AK-47 in his hands, a twisted smile frozen on his face as he emptied a magazine full of hot lead at us...

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