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Pennsylvania Wildlife Tails: A Game Warden's Notebook

Length: 202 pages23 minutes


Pennsylvania Wildlife Tails is a fun way to learn about wild birds and animals. Wasserman, a state game warden for 32 years, has heard some pretty wild tales (er, tails in this case) about wild critters. Herein you will find 94 amazing anecdotes about encounters with humans and animals. Each is illustrated by famed cartoonist Dana Twigg. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh. 

From the Publisher 
Having spent more than sixty years in the outdoors, Wasserman has learned one indisputable fact about animals: whenever you tell someone that a wild critter won't behave (or misbehave for that matter) in a certain way, you're bound to be made a fool. This is a fun book for hunters, nature lovers and those who enjoy reading about birds and animals, especially when they act in unusual ways. 

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