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Running Into Time: A Journey Beyond

Length: 210 pages3 hours


Atris has fallen into a world of rampant illusion. His short-term memory affords him only the enticing smile of his friend Aislin, followed by the terror on Ewan’s face as a mysterious array of lights cut through the forest, descending upon them. Eager to restore mental stability, he battles doubt and looming disasters across a land succumbing to a force yet unknown. Arka knows to head north. He hadn’t counted on running into a first-timer, or the destruction of the library so soon in the game. But these setbacks, along with the appearance of the ghost of his brother, didn’t change the objective or the destination. As the dream transforms into a nightmare, the notion arises there may be far more at stake than anyone involved ever could’ve expected. Atris and his friends must contend rendered designs of wonder, fear, duty, and death to combat the mania of their ever-shifting delirium in hopes of escaping before their minds are lost forever.

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