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Bitter Hearts

Length: 245 pages4 hours


Aria is faced with her first truly bratty child, one-year-old Starene, who is afraid of everything.

She is heart-heavy for Keir even years after his death, and guilty for not being more understanding with her daughter. Jace and Laniar are trying everything they know to make her happy, but Aria still feels as if her life is falling apart around her.

When Jasta is hit with a rare but deadly planet-wide storm called Ging’s fire, Aria and her men are plagued by death and tyranny. Aria finds herself trapped between impossible choices, threatening both her life and her love.

When her ex-lover and best friend Bolt tells her that his destiny has arrived, it serves to deepen her depression. His final request of her has ramifications that neither of them can imagine. Can she win the battle with the dark magic that has been cast upon her, or will she lose everything and follow the call of her heart to join Keir behind the barrier of death?

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