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Tribute to the Child

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Tribute to the Child is an anthology of poems and prose, a rich source of inspirational thoughts by two authors: Akin M. Olaolu and Blessed E. Oki.
It dwells on the aspect of our relationship as children of a Father.
Issues of friendship and animosity, trust and betrayal, slander and scandal, parent and child, are portrayed with mirth.
“Life is a journey, a journey unsolicited, a journey bestowed on all..., we neither choose our tongue nor song we are simply blessed with honor and color… yet the child is the greatest gift bestowed on undeserving man… We cannot but give Tribute to the child to the child in us…”
“ A rumor a whisper, Thus kindles a wild fire, Of tales so intense and fatal, It bails not but nails as mortar the pestle, Then pales into vivid multiple design petals, with hideous poignant fragrance..” These and many more thought provoking works are in this book for encouragement and inspiration

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