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Understanding Patients' Sexual Problems: A Reference Handbook for Healthcare Professionals

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Sexuality is openly flaunted and touted by the media on the worlds’ stage as being a wanton, blatantly obvious commodity sought primarily by men who are performance obsessed; where people, especially women, are openly objectified, and where sex is readily available and bought for a price, regardless of the type of sexual practice in demand. In actuality, for the majority of people, a person’s sexuality remains an extremely personal, precious, fragile and private issue that he or she is often hesitant to even mention, let alone discuss with others. Most healthcare providers rarely open up discussions with their patients about a sexual problem, and in so doing do not fully meet their patients’ physical and emotional needs. Sexual problems are usually avoided, misdiagnosed, diminished, or even blatantly ignored by healthcare providers. This book addresses 85 sexual problems, and defines each problem, its signs and symptoms, origins, background, therapeutic and supportive interventions, as well as the potential outcomes of those sexual topics. Its content, with supportive research URLs, is readily accessible, and written with relative simplicity, all of which facilitate increased comprehension for its readers and problem resolution for the individuals involved.

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