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Making Him Mine M/M Short Story

57 pages52 minutes


Kian is an extremely dedicated college student. A shy young man who is determined to reach his goals through hard work and dedication . He has no time for relationships. He is much too busy trying to make his dreams come true. He rewards himself daily for his diligence by visiting his school's cafe for his favorite treat. Kian also uses the visit to break from his strict self induced restrictions by admiring the sexy barista who makes his ice cream floats.

Hudson is perceived as a bad boy by all who sees him. At first glance, people can't help but to notice his multiple tattoos. The intricate artwork decorates almost every surface of visible skin. Then there are the well worn jeans, the band t-shirts, the leather wrist cuffs, and of course, the leather jacket paired with his signature steel toe boots. Those who don't know him, also had no idea about the sharp intelligence behind the rough exterior. They also don't know about his determination to make a certain shy little cutie his own before someone else can.

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