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Just Tell Me What to Say. Online Dating Profile Builder and Messaging Wizard for Men in their 30's

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Being in your 30s is a crazy, awesome, scary time of life. For some, it’s like being 20 but with more disposable income. For others it’s when things get real; undergrad is over, your NFL ambitions are laid to rest in favor of a good-paying job, and maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by failed relationships, parental responsibilities, and your slow march to 40. For most, it’s a time of huge personal growth and figuring out (perhaps not for the first or last time) who you are and what you want out of life. Lots of you are looking for more than a fun date—you’re looking for a serious relationship and a life partner.

If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance you already know this, but in case you have reservations, let me assure you that finding someone online is no longer taboo. In fact, these days, pretty much everyone knows someone who met their significant other online. Moreover, there are a multitude of books out there telling you which dating sites you should choose, how to set up a profile, and what sorts of photos to upload. The one thing you won’t find books about is the one thing that is the most perturbing about online dating—figuring out what the heck you should say.

This book exists to answer the one question that the hundreds of online dating books out there don’t answer: “What should I write?” It’s set up like a menu you can choose from to create an accurate, intelligent profile of yourself and then send messages that are thoughtful and will interest the women you want to attract. Think of it as the self-improvement book that does all the work for you or a metaphorical quiver of arrows bestowed on you by Cupid.

The book follows the basic format of who you are, who and what you’re looking for, what you should say when you’re ready to start sending out the first emails and messages, and what you can say to follow up after a date.

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