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Just Tell Me What to Say. Online Dating Profile Builder for 40+ Year Old Men

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably at least considering having a go at online dating. Maybe you’re already sold on the idea, or maybe you’re not quite sure if it’s such a great idea. Aren’t people online usually there because they’re socially inept or secretly unattractive? Isn’t there kind of a stigma with meeting a significant other online? Can’t it be dangerous? The answer to all of those questions is that of course it’s possible, but the reality is that most people are like you—looking for a quality person to get to know and possibly have a relationship with.

Maybe none of the people in your social circle are single anymore. Maybe your job is too demanding to allow you to meet people the old fashioned way. Maybe you’re divorced or widowed and ready to give dating another go. Whatever the case is for you, there are probably hundreds of single women in your area who are in a similar boat.

Sure, there might be people in your life who will raise their eyebrows when you say that you met someone online, but, to be honest, pretty much everyone knows someone who met their spouse online. As long as you tell a friend or family member where you’re going, with whom, and when, safety shouldn’t be a huge factor to hold you back. It’s pretty much guaranteed that she’s more nervous about her safety than you are.

Basically, if Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan could do it in 1998, you can definitely do it today.

This book will guide you through the ins and outs of constructing your profile, answering essay questions, describing your ideal woman, and sending out those first emails to women. Think of it as your own personal public relations manager. Each of the following chapters are categorized to help you out with whatever section of your profile you’re stuck on, whether that’s writing the opening paragraph, describing who you’re looking for, or sending out the first emails or messages to women you’re interested in.
This book isn’t a cover to cover read; it’s meant to be used like a menu with appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Find the sections that apply to you, whether you’re constructing the opening paragraph of your profile, describing who you’re looking for, or drafting your first emails and messages. Copy and paste the phrases that describe who you are. Feel free to mix and match them, and change them up if you want to.

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