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Opposite Reaction

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Can any human stand on a dark gray asteroid likened to Purgatory and remain the same for long? The year is 2057. Ryan Hersh is only a lowly accountant for his grandfather’s company that mines the region of space known as the Cluster. Errant technology created his self-serving persona but it also gave him extraordinary mental abilities and ambition. Ryan retreats from an imminent threat to his life on Earth by traveling to the Cluster but the sinister plot to kill him is unrelenting. At the mining colony where everyone's motives are in question, Ryan and his new comrades must race to survive the onslaught. During the escalating and terrifying dangers, Ryan discovers that not only he might die but millions or even all of humanity may perish. He is forced to face his own shortcomings. He also learns that, in accordance with Isaac Newton’s third law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Just like asteroids, people have strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes they dance as a pair, as if joined at the hip. And sometimes they seem destined to collide with one another. Can Ryan remain the same?

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