The Mage and the Freckled Frog

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The Mage and the Freckled Frog

Length: 30 pages17 minutes


A young mage is stranded in a strange village when his master leaves him. All that he has with him is his friend Freckles, his pet toad. He wanders the city looking for work or a way out, but discovers that magic is banned, and goes on the run. When a threat enters the city, he must decide whether to continue hiding, or help save the people.

This story includes an excerpt from the novel The Chronicles of Starlyn.

Craig A. Price Jr is the author of The Crimson Claymore, an Epic Fantasy adventure novel that has garnered millions of reads, more than 17,000 votes, and more than 1,000 reviews on the social networking platform for readers and writers, Wattpad.

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