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NEWTH (The Early Years)

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This publication is a re-write and amalgamation of The Ne’athian Archives, books 1 and 2 ‘Prophecy’ and ‘Change’. The story lines are basically the same with some additions and deletions in an attempt to have the story flow a little bit better.

Newth Book 1 & 2

A dark menace spread across the Galaxy; evil and all consuming decimating all the life in its path. Civilisations fell under its slow compelling march, nothing could stand against it. 20,000 souls fled across intergalactic space; 20,000 survivors, all that was left from a planet of billions. Weakened and decimated they discovered how to defeat the Huricanas hive too late; they were weak and needed someone with the mental strength to face the Huricanas mind. The Huricanas pursued them, their only salvation the vastness of space between the galaxies. The Pathosian knew this as they knew the Huricanas would not give up; they would follow them and continue their decimation of life as they did so. The Pathosian needed time, time and the creation of a being so powerful even they trembled at the thought of what they might unleash in to the universe.

The war with the Huricanas had made them aware of how they infiltrated and overcame the societies they so easily subjugated, eventually conquered and eradicated; behind them lay a trail of devastation. Once proud populations and peoples gone, destroyed in a savage reign of terror until the last had been slaughtered and the Huricanas in their never relenting quest turned to their next victim. Only the Pathosian out of hundreds of races had been able to offer some form of resistance but it was too little and too late as the Huricanas used the Pathosian’s own defences against them.

Would Henry and his great, great, great grandmother Joanne be the ones the Pathosian so patiently built and waited for? Would they have the time to counter the Huricanas march, was it one of them who could wield the power of the Pathosian ancients or would they too crumble and fall beneath the might of the Huricanas hive mind? Before the Huricanas the Hunki stood in their way, a warrior race who hunted humans for sport and food, driven by the Huricanas the Hunki became part of the hive evil, stooping to barbaric practices at the hive masters command. Before the Huricanas Henry and Joanne had to combat the Hunki, combat them and defeat them. Technologically the Hunki were vastly superior to humans, only a miracle and the mental abilities gained from their Pathosian ancestry gave them hope.

Joanne is a lowly scullery maid who is thrust into the realm of galactic politics, unknown to her she is destined to become one of the galaxies most potent telepaths guided by the hand and mind of her ancestor. Book one is her story; how she changes from a timid maid to a self assured young woman capable of taking on the Huricanas, but she needs help, the hive mind is all consuming and powerful and she had no option but to flee across the Galaxy to escape the Huricanas wrath.

Book two follows Henry. Born with a strong telekinetic ability he thought himself a misfit until he awakens on an alien ship. He was the prey of a species intent on setting him free on an alien planet and then hunting him for food and sport. Like his great, great, great grandmother Joanne, he is alone and needs help. Where would he find it? Could he find it on a planet with Stone Age weapons and most important, could he engage in a war against a race vastly superior in technology and hope to win?

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