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Horn Hoof Feather Soul: A Year in the Life at a Farmed Animal Sanctuary in Photos

116 pages30 minutes


Heartwarming photos of chickens, cows, pigs and other rescued farmed animals revealing personalities candid and diverse. Like dogs and cats, other animals experience a range of emotion similar to our own. The photos in Horn Hoof Feather Soul show a side of farmed animals most people don’t get to see.

Abused, hoarded, kept in small and backyard farms without shelter, scheduled for slaughter -- the animals in this book share similar stories of neglect at the hands of their human “owners,” but also, fortuitously, triumphantly, a moment of compassion when someone stood up for the animals and brought them to a sanctuary created for them where they can live out their lives with fresh food and clean water, knowing only peace and loving kindness.

The photos in this ebook are separated from the stories so the reader can appreciate the animals as they are now: resilient, healed. The stories describing where the animals came from are linked to the photos, so you can appreciate the road they traveled to finally reach home.

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