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101 of the Best Free Websites for Climbing Your Family Tree: Genealogy Tips, #1

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Free Family Tree Resources
All links revised and updated September 2015

Instead of spending hours searching the Internet for free genealogy websites, use this guide to shortcut your search. 

Use the Same Sites as an Internet Genealogy Expert
This guide contains 101 of the best websites for free genealogy. This One-Hour Genealogist guide was researched, tested and compiled by foremost Internet genealogy expert, Nancy Hendrickson. Using her years of online experience, Nancy has put together her favorite and most-used free sites. Each of the first 50 sites include an Overview, of the site an explanation of Why This Site, and a suggested Search Strategy. 

How The Guide is Organized
Sites are grouped by:

social history 
odds 'n ends

This guide contains links to free databases or great statewide information for each of the 50 states n addition to Nancy's "favorite 50" sites. And, because some sites are just too good to be left out, you'll find another 10 (bringing the total to 111) that Nancy couldn't do without in her own research.

Don't Waste Your Precious Research Time
Can you find all of these sites on your own without this guide? Absolutely! But why spend YOUR time finding free sites when you could be finding ancestors!

*Dear U.K. genealogy friends, this guide is for United States researchers only.

About the Author
Nancy Hendrickson is the author of the Unofficial Guide to, Discover Your Family History Online, The Genealogist's U.S. History Pocket Reference, San Diego Then and Now, and Historic Photos of Old California. She is a life-long genealogy researcher and the creator of the One-Hour Genealogist Series. 

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