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Politics by Other Means

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Book One of the Worlds of Words and War series.

In the year 2361, humanity has spread out across the stars thanks to the discovery of a network of wormholes connecting many of the local star systems together. Putting aside their petty differences with the formation of the United Earth Federation, humanity has suddenly found itself neighbors to dozens of different alien species. Some are quite friendly and helpful, but others pose a dangerous threat to Earth and her colonies.

Sam is a hot headed UEF diplomat, about to set out on a routine assignment in alien space. His last day on Earth before he ships out is spent in the company of Michelle, a UEF Navy destroyer captain with a serious chip on her shoulder. She too is scheduled to soon depart on a ordinary deployment to the fringe of human-controlled space near the galactic rim. They both share a common bond in their decisions to not follow traditional family career paths, but neither of them could possibly imagine that their chance encounter will have profound implications for the survival of the UEF. Alien machinations and schemes that were set into motion years ago are about to culminate in disaster for Earth and no one seems to see the threat coming.

Confronted with skeptics and enemies on all sides, it will be up to Sam and Michelle to save the people of Earth from a brutal and cunning alien menace. Mighty fleets will clash and secret diplomatic deals will be struck, but in the end it will be up to an entry-level career diplomat and a lowly destroyer captain to decide the fate of humanity...

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