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Three Short Plays

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Ideally the play should be performed in a real pub, with the audience comprising regular patrons. This would ensure that he audience is appropriately mature.
From the mind that brought us Hendrych and Kroupa comes another unconventional adult night at the theatre. They say, "In vino veritas"... and a student reunion puts the old saying to the test. But as the gathering gets drunker by the minute, the truth serum kicks in with devastating results for at least one person at the table.
"The Cemetery" and 'The Confession", should be performed together in one evening, as a double-bill. "The Cemetery" as the first, followed after the usual intermission by "The Confession". TRENT in these plays is the same actor. Each play is performed without an intermission. The scenes are changed quickly in the full view of the audience, which is entertained by the "Art of the Fugue"

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