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Not a Serpent, Not a Rope

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"Enlightenment. What is it? Much has been written about it. Many have tried to describe it or show how to attain it.
Does one get enlightenment from reading about how to get it? Or listening to a guru who is enlightened? Or spending years in solitude? Or contemplation? Or does it just come one day all by itself to the true seeker?
Apparently in any or all of these ways. Or none of them.
If the seeker gets hung up on the book, or the guru, or the practice, or the solitude then no enlightenment. That would be like travelling on a journey to a specific destination and then clinging to a beautiful signpost that points the way.
One must desire enlightenment passionately and not desire it. One must search for it and remain unperturbed at not having got it.
Enlightenment will come. In its time. Can the seeker wait? In patience? In silence?
‘Not a Serpent, Not a Rope’ is a collection of tales that emerge from the collective wisdom of this world. The Introduction in the beginning of the book suffices to explain why it was written."

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