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Laid to Rest: Darcy Sweet Mystery, #18

179 pages3 hours


Home from her honeymoon in Australia Darcy Sweet is settling nicely into life as a married woman. The spirit world in Misty Hollow is uncharacteristically quiet and peaceful and even her Great Aunt Millie is unusually quiet.

Which is very odd.

It was like all of the ghosts have just... gone. Darcy doesn't mind... it's a chance for some peace and quiet and gives her the illusion that she is just an ordinary woman living an ordinary life.

At least, that is, until she discovers something strange about her Great Aunt's death that raises some questions about how Millie actually died.

But she died from natural causes... didn't she?

Darcy has always believed it to be true... so when evidence comes to light that this may not have been the case Darcy's whole world is shaken to the core.

Can Darcy and Jon work out what's going on before someone else close to them loses their life?

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