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The Book of Isaiah: Enduring Questions Answered Anew

Length: 382 pages4 hours


A fresh window on Isaiah studies today

Representing the highest echelon of Isaiah studies, this volume explores distinct issues that arise from the critical study of the text of Isaiah. The contributors acknowledge and comment on the exegetical contributions of distinguished biblical scholar Joseph Blenkinsopp, providing distinction and coherence to the collection.

The publication between 2000 and 2004 of Blenkinsopp's 3-volume Anchor Bible commentary on Isaiah marked a significant development in Isaiah studies. Many of the articles and books now published in the field cite Blenkinsopp, testifying to how his commentary is influencing and helping shape the future direction of Isaiah studies. This volume, with its focus on his contributions, provides a fresh look at Isaiah studies in the twenty-first century.

Rainer Albertz
Klaus Baltzer
Hans M. Barstad
Ulrich Berges
Willem A. M. Beuken
Philip Davies
Hyun Chul Paul Kim
Peter Marinkovic
Andreas Schuele
Jacob Stromberg
Marvin A. Sweeney
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer
Patricia K. Tull
H. G. M. Williamson

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