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Catch the Fire: All Spoke in Tongues in the New Testament Church

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This book is all about the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Part one contains the basics. The issue of “speaking in tongues” is discussed first in order to put it in proper perspective. This is followed by the explanation of the other facts concerning the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In Part two is expressed a series of arguments; all leading to the conclusion that everyone spoke in tongues in the New Testament Church. It is good to carefully read the anchor passages to enhance comprehension.

The book will cause the reader to react in different ways. For example:

To compare the present level of emphasis on the baptism with the Holy Spirit with the time of the early church. To re-examine the way the church handles new converts – if it is what was done in the early church. To feel dissatisfied as one compares the level of power in the early Church with now.

Presented in this book are answers to various questions in the heart of Christians.

Everyone that reads this book will find the proofs concerning its assertions correct.

One is taken step by step through the book of Acts, with the aim of confirming the validity of the book’s claims. The writer is convinced that even the most critical mind will come to the same conclusion. The purpose for which this book (first published in print in 2001) was written was that the same level of fire in the early Church will be witnessed in the present Church.

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