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Gladstone 2 Missing in Denver (1, #2)

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Jack lives in Gladstone now but it’s time for a trip. He invites Susan along to get his printing press, see Denver, and meet his best friend Frank. Jack's got a surprise or two for Frank. Susan gets to show off her skills. Gladstone’s rescue squad flies into action. Can Jack choose between the life of his friend and keeping Gladstone's secret? 

Sheriff Reeves tried again and again. The fifth time he tried a man answered with a thick Spanish accent.
“Why you keep calling this phone?” The man demanded.
“I’m looking for my friend. Can I talk to him?”
“No, you cannot. He and his marshal friend are our guests.”
“May I ask how you have his phone and who you are?”
“No, señor, I will not tell you my name but I have his phone because he and his marshal friend are in trouble.” “What do you mean, trouble?”
“The marshal has information we want, and we will kill them both if we don’t get what we need.”
Sheriff Reeves squeezed the phone in anger and took a deep breath. “I don’t think you want to hurt them.”
“You have no idea who I am and what I will do. Who are you, that you think you can threaten me?”
“My name is Ron Reeves.”
“Good, you tell me the truth now, no?”
“I’ll tell you the truth.”
“I tell you the truth when I say I kill them for fun if I want to.

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