Jesus Christ The Great I Am

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Jesus Christ The Great I Am

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Jesus Christ, the great I Am. In our troubled world, there isn't a more polarizing and controversial topic than Jesus Christ. In this book, we will explore His claims to be God in human flesh. He took upon Himself a title that had been reserved for God only--I Am--and boldly claimed to be the all-complete, all-sufficient Savior of mankind. He is not the great "I was" or the great "I will be someday." He is the great "I Am" that captures with this title all the power and magnificence of God Himself. Here we will look into the Apostle John's own eye-witness accounts of Jesus' bold "I Am" declarations that He made throughout John's gospel as well as the Book of Revelation. As we gain a deeper insight into the I Am declarations of Christ, we will gain a new found appreciation and understanding of Jesus Christ. This study is truly a revelation, and it can change your life forever!

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