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The Druid Saga



The Reverie lies in tatters. As totems fall, Sasha and her friends try to pick up the pieces. The undead scourge continues to fester, unchecked, as the Spider Clan's army cuts a swath through the north. Who remains to stand against such threats?

Kelly is missing, following the defeat at the Aerie. Brandt abdicates his position to search for his lost lover. Declan continues to hunt his old rival, and leader of the Serpent Clan. Carrick attempts to steal back his stolen throne in the south. And Father Lawrence and Tamara follow a path that they hope will lead them to the boy. Will any of their efforts prove fruitful? Will it be enough to turn the tide, and restore some semblance of peace to the Reverie?

Worst of all, Graumin lurks in the north, his obsession with the Sleeper's cave growing, along with his power. Sasha recovers, trying to regain her strength before her inevitable showdown with the grizzled old spider.

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