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DIY Lotion : The Ultimate for Beginners Guide book (DIY Project Series, #3)

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I want to thank and congratulate you for downloading the book DIY Homemade Body Lotion.

There are countless DIY books out there—from soap making to table construction, from tie-dye clothes to baked goods. Do-it-yourself manuals are very useful to people who want to make their own products rather than buy their commercial counterparts.

This DIY book for homemade body lotions provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to produce your own lotion, for your personal use, for giving out to family and friends, or for commercial purposes.

Each chapter features lists that present the advantages of body lotion making, as well as specific steps on how to do it. Chapter 1 enumerates the benefits of using lotion (homemade and commercial), while Chapter 2 presents the advantages of the homemade variety over the store-brought one. Chapter 3 will help you prepare the right tools and equipment for your project, and also lists down the basic ingredients for a recipe. It also gives tips on how to prepare the working area, which include sanitizing your tools. While Chapter 4 lists down specific recipes you can try, Chapter 5 discusses the procedures in a detailed step by step manner that you can simply follow when you decide to experiment with your own recipe.

Start reading this book now and discover how you can make the most out of simple ingredients to produce a high-quality body lotion you can be proud of.

Once again, thank you and good luck!

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