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The Passion Agency, The Boxed Set

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All 4 Books in “The Passion Agency” series! The First Novel in the series is available for FREE!

Donna "Passion" Casteel was a beautiful woman who felt her beauty slipping away with age. Unable to keep a man, drifting from one meaningless fling to another, her life seemed dull and pointless.

Then a series of unlikely and strange events brought her to the brink of money and fame. She had a million dollar idea but barely enough to cover the rent. She had a boyfriend who was a former pro athlete, but she didn't have love. Worst of all she had nothing to fulfill her wanton naughty desires.

Determined to succeed and to find her dream lover, she reaches deep inside and will accept nothing but the best. Follow her rise from living paycheck to paycheck to the head of one of the world's hottest modeling agencies. Find out just what it means to make it to the top as a woman coming from nowhere.

This is the best of today's hottest erotic romances from Sylvia Day and EL James. "The Passion Agency" is a hot page turner that explores the life of a woman on the rise and going for what her heart desires.

“The Passion Agency” is hot contemporary romance and suspense with mature situations.

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