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No Sweat Weight Loss: 25 Life Hacks for Losing Weight and an Introduction to Fitness

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It is estimated that greater than 60% of the population is overweight, and greater than 30% is considered obese and likely to face grave health issues as a result. The hectic pace of modern life often makes it difficult to allocate time to gyms and personal trainers, and fad diets are usually exercises in self deprivation that have mixed long term results. It is possible to lose weight by making subtle lifestyle changes though - it doesn't take much to stack a few of these lifestyle changes on top of each other and obtain results that will help in your weight loss goals!

No Sweat Weight Loss: 25 Life Hacks for Losing Weight and an Introduction to Fitness

This book is for anyone who is looking to lose weight. You might be someone looking to lose that last stubborn 10 pounds or you may be someone who is looking to start on your 100+ pound weight loss journey. The truth is, the modern world is conspiring against us to keep us sedentary and overweight. Most of us spend our days of work or leisure in front of a computer or commuting while sitting on our backsides. The fact that anyone today can manage to be “normal weight” is quite frankly a miracle.

This book will help you on your journey by providing:

25 life hacks to start using today to lose weight Introduction to a walking program to lose weight Introduction to body weight exercises to build strength and lose weight 18 suggested bodyweight exercises to get you started

Get started today and see how easy it is to start trimming pounds!

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