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Well Armed Brides: Highmage's Plight, #5

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The Elvin Human Empire is on the verge of civil war. An Imperial wedding seems to offer the perfect opportunity to create new alliances among the Great Elvin Families and build bridges for understanding. However, the Highmage is not the only one less than thrilled at the idea of his marrying the Empress.

Her Majesty and his well armed Cathartan bodyguards, however, do not give him a say in the matter. He’s getting married and that’s all there is to it. All they need to do is live through the ceremony, or through the reception.

Schemes abound; there will be murder and civil war. In the end, in order to save the Empire, George will be faced with a terrible choice, one he cannot live with…

Welcome to Well Armed Brides, the next book In the Highmage’s Plight Series.

(Book 3 - Human Mage, debutting here on October 1, 2015, check for the details!)

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