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The more you hold on to your mask, the more you forget who you are behind it.

That's a truth Dylan had to learn the hard way. Born the first girl in generations of all-male werewolves, she's had to keep her gender hidden for the most part of her life. Nothing ever made her question the mask she has been putting on or made her want to remove it.

Until Logan Underwood.

True mates are almost as extinct as female werewolves, yet Dylan's existence beat the odds again when she found her own. It rattled her enough to alienate her from family and friends alike, including the man himself. While a mystery from the past, one that may somehow be tied to Dylan, remains unsolved, she needs to figure out how to let people willingly in on her secret.

Because sooner or later, people are going to see through her mask.

(Book 2 in Masked SheWolf trilogy)

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