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The Best Podcasts for Women

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There are so many podcasts out there, aimed at women, all vying for your attention! How do you know which to choose? Author David Bain listens to more than 24 hours of podcasts per week and enlisted the help of fellow writer Rose Silver for this special volume of his BEST PODCASTS series. Here he shares their research with you, with commentary and details on the top 15 podcasts in the category. The podcasts, listed with links, should provide you with hours of happy listening! 

Podcasts - internet radio shows, in other words - are fast becoming the number one way for people on the go to stay connected, educate themselves, expand their horizons or even just to stay entertained during a workout, commute or daily chore. 

A note from David Bain: This list is the unbiased opinion of Rose Silver and myself, based on our own research. We don't receive endorsements from any podcasts. 

In addition to being addicted to podcasts, audiobooks and old time radio, David Bain is the author of the Will Castleton paranormal investigator series, the Riders of the Weird West series, the Green River crime and horror series, the Write Thoughts series of books on writing, and many more novels and story collections. An award-winning journalist, he is also a speaker and writing teacher, having taught writing to literally thousands of students over more than 25 years. 

Rose Silver is the author of poetry and music as well as many volumes of fiction and nonfiction under her own and several pen names. 

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