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Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Vol.3 51 Soups And Stews Recipes

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You have in your hands a collection of 51 well-loved recipes for soups and stews using our kitchen’s most versatile gadget, the electric pressure cooker! As these dishes were concocted in different versions, my collection is different in the way that some ingredients are added or replaced by something better to create the best appeal. But you can also experiment with something different, because I believe that the best cooking outcomes are not necessarily obtained because you followed a recipe book the letter. Feel free to make changes and prepare what will make your family and loved ones happy by cooking with a touch of love.

In this collection you will find 51 of the world’s best loved soups and stews prepared by homemakers and chefs alike, from the simple to the not so simple. Care has been taken to ensure that you get the authentic taste of the dishes and all information in the book has been verified, tried and tested so that you get only the best. Variations made to classic dishes are  for the improvement of the dish.

Each of these recipes has its own story to tell. Take your time to try them one by one and you can end up creating new memories with your family around the dinner table

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